Generally, English originated from the intermixture of languages and dialects, which were brought by Germanic settlers. Many words came into English from Latin and French, as we have known. The fact is that English is the first language of about 350 million people, the native language of 12 nations and the official or semiofficial language of 54 more nations. It shows how important to know English in the modern society. That is why in order to be modern and fashion you have to know English. There are lots of intensive courses in the USA where you can be taught perfect English by advanced teachers and professors. And, of course, there are lots of editions and CDs to learn English by yourself, which one can find online Best Buy Coupons any time. The English language has become so popular that the majority of people use it while communicating over the Internet. Everywhere around the world English is widely learned and taught because everyone understands that scientific technological development needs to know the language very well. English is a must for many technical jobs in Italy, China and other countries today. As people know, the English language is the chief language learned at schools. Intensive ways of learning English is very popular. One can speak English every day with teachers and school mates and then be ready to get a good job. It must be said that English is nice for remembering new words and expressions because it has lots of short words and phrases that are easily stuck in memory. English is widely in all kinds of international communication: mails and telephone calls are made in English, radio stations, TV broadcast in English, and half of the world’s periodicals are printed in English. Internet is occupied by the English language in different kinds and sorts. English is an international language of business people, pilots, diplomats and politicians, sportsmen, doctors, scientists and students. Love is spoken in English – it is easy to express feelings and emotions in this language. Thanks to English many young people can express their opinions to the world’s events and situations. The English language is the world’s top language without any doubt.